Established in 2002, Navtek Pte Ltd was started by a group of experienced and passionate entrepreneurs who aspire to become a leader in providing quality products and exceptional services for the Maritime and Oil and Gas industries.

With more than a decade of experience in the Marine, Onshore/Offshore markets, Navtek has been constantly upgrading itself to provide the finest turnkey solutions in the areas of Design and Engineering, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Key Systems required by the Maritime, Oil and Gas industries.

Given the excellent reviews we have garnered and the great team and relationships we have built over the years, Navtek's worldwide customer portfolio has grown tremendously in the last umpteen years to include Tidewater Marine International Pte Ltd, TY Marine Pte Ltd, DOF Management Pte Ltd and Stolt Tankers.

With our track record in excellence, we are certain to deliver up-to-date, top notch, integrated solutions, products and services that fulfill the comprehensive needs of all our clients and bring about total customer satisfaction.



"To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer service by pursuing business through innovation, exceptional teamwork and advanced technology."


"To be a leader in the competitive Marine, Offshore/Onshore markets by providing current and enhanced services and maintaining excellent working relationships with our clients and partners through building a cohesive and synergized team that is always efficient, reliable and pro-customer satisfaction."


Given the current economic climate trends, the future of the Marine, Offshore/Onshore industry in the areas of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production remains highly positive.
Despite the huge surge in demand of energy in the future, there has been a shortfall in conventional onshore oil & gas resources worldwide. In order to meet this future demand for energy, offshore deepwater, along with unconventional offshore oil & gas exploration and production activities will definitely increase.
Navtek is constantly upgrading ourselves and our infrastructure to meet this need. With the use of sophisticated marine technologies, Navtek aims to provide technologically-up-to-date products and services that will enable this new play in oil & gas exploration for both our partners and our clients.